Yet to be versioned and released. Only available from dev branch until then.

Scope changes

  • add support for minute and hourly time steps in bootstrapping functionality (CPP#9)

  • add "KGENP" and "KGENP_D" as deterministic evaluation metrics since stable sorting is now available in xtensor (CPP#5)


Released on 2023-06-16.

Scope changes

  • remove "WSS" and "AWI" as probabilistic evaluation metric because of the arbitrary nature of using the sample climatology as reference/benchmark (CPP#7)

Bug fixes

  • fix irrelevant rank check failure when passing arrays (and not tensors) (CPP#6, R#4)

  • fix crashing conditional masking functionality at runtime with certain compilers on Windows (in particular when building with Rtools for R>4.1.3) due to the presence of square brackets in the regular expressions that do not seem supported (R#6)

  • fix bug when using calendar year as block for the bootstrapping functionality (CPP#8)


Released on 2023-05-03.

  • first release